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To book 1 female Akita inu lof - prestigious origins - high lineages

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Registered in prefecture with the DDPP Breeding declared in chamber of agriculture - experience and high selection specialized in purebred Akita inu puppies high-end. Internationally recognized breeding. Thus we sell our puppies to breeders or individuals in France and abroad, who want quality in different criteria (health, aesthetics, character etc ..) Pre-reservations are open for the beautiful puppies of Hakai and Seneca, to be born in about 3 weeks top pedigrees !! Beautiful Akita inu LOF puppies, prestigious origins. Registered with the LOF, the parents are from multi champion. - Delivery possible by animal carrier anywhere in France at a fixed rate of 178 €. - - A canine education course will be offered to you at the departure of your baby as well as an accident insurance of 15 days and 3 months of mutual (reimbursement of veterinary expenses) The marriage was chosen with great attention, the puppies have a consanguinity rate of 0% over 5 generations. The Mother is white, from the domain of Sakura, she is registered with the LOF and confirmed, very promising, comes from a prestigious lineage, pedigreed on request. His dad Nippon Jume Kyoushuu is DNA COT 4 HD-A / CACS(2) RCACIB(2). His mom Okka from Sakura's estate is COT 1HD-A. Hakai is an elegant, loving and intelligent female. She is also an excellent goalkeeper and very close to me. photo 1 The father is red brindle, pedigree on request, is also at the LOF and confirmed, his dad is from one of the most prestigious line of akita inu, the clos des chtis, COT 1 HD-A / CACS(1), Also from grandparents COT 4 HB-B / CACIB(2) / CACS(2) / EXCNE / RCACSCHPT(1) / RCACSNE(1) . It is of a very beautiful format, it is a calm dog protective, courageous and dignified. He is also an excellent goalkeeper. photo 2 The little Akitas inu, are balls of love who will seek above all what they know how to do best, that is to say a lot of love of affection and complicity. Docile and friendly they are also very playful, they will appreciate the presence of children and will all the same alert you to the slightest danger or intrusion because they will naturally be good guardian for your home. 1890€ red, brindle and red puppies 1990€ white puppies Our puppies are raised in a very family context with children and will be socialized which will make them very balanced puppies. They will be in the presence of cats and other dogs so accustomed to animals as well. The puppies will be raised with passion and respect and will leave identified by electronic transponder, vaccinated, dewormed from their one month and you will also be given a certificate of good health from my approved veterinarian, health record, icad card, LOF certificate (pedigree) and a certificate of sale that covers you with the rural code. A deposit of 30% will be required for all pre-reservations. The choice of puppies will be made in order of reservations.

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