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  • Cindy Frogé, Eleveuse chiens et chats depuis + de 5 ans

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    I made my passion my job. My darlings evolve in the middle of nature on surfaces of more than 1000m2 per couple. They have a swimming pool to cool off in the summer and more than a HA and a half to let off steam. At farrowing the mothers are pampered in small individual houses (wooden chalets) fully insulated, heated and air-conditioned with a very large private garden all around of approximately 200m2.

    All breeding males are available for mating, more information by clicking on the "Reserve" tab in the menu and then on "Breedings".

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  • I only own a few breeding females and for all these ladies, the breeding males. All my puppies and kittens come from breeding only and are the result of rigorously chosen marriage, a selection of parents present, all registered and confirmed in the LOF (which guarantees the traceability of their origins), all with prestigious origins. But above all a strict follow-up of canine and feline genetics. I assist mothers day and night to give birth to their babies. My puppies and kittens are pampered, pampered, raised with care, love and respect.

    All my babies are socialized to humans obviously, but also to other animals and grow for 2 months in a family setting in the presence of children, which makes them very balanced puppies and kittens, well in their heads and their papattes. Observation and socialization are my priorities. This allows me to offer you babies with very good character and selected beauty. I produce only a few puppies and kittens and favor quality over quantity. I do everything I can to be up to the task and guarantee you a lifetime follow-up of your baby. However, a purchase must be carefully considered, your loulou will share for years your family life and will demand your attention ... But will give you back so much love, the affection you will have for them, will be returned to you a hundredfold. I will be there to guide you in the character of each one and see if the chosen breed will correspond to your expectations but also to that of your baby.

  • A small breeding created with passion and love

  • Cindy's goal

  • My goal is obviously not to feed animal shelters, but to make happy a dog, a cat and his future master for 10 years and more. My farm is a supporter of N-N (no cage / no box).

    All small offspring will leave the farm at the age of two months, perfectly socialized, microchipped, vaccinated and dewormed. I will also give you his health record, a certificate of good health from my approved veterinarian as well as his LOF certificate and a contract of sale and guarantee of the rural code. Know that the delivery of your little ball of love is possible everywhere in France, price according to the region.


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    La petite Laïka qui fait tout plein de bêtises, mais elle est adorable :) Merci Cindy, à bientôt

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    C’est avec une grande tendresse et beaucoup d’amour que nous avons accueilli notre petite Vanille le 8 février 2024. Elle était propre dés le lendemain, très joueuse et très câline notre petite boule d’amour ❤️❤️❤️ Mille mercis à Cindy, une...

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    Nous avons adopté notre petite Umie il y a quelques mois ; elle est parfaite ;en plus d'être magnifique elle est adorable , nous comble d'amour et de joie chaques jours ? elle c'est super bien adapté ; s'éclate avec ces copains chat chien et...

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    Bonjour, Propre et spacieux, nos amis à 4 pattes sont élevés par une pro, mais avant tout une passionnée... J'ai adopté Uméa, petite femelle Savannah, rebaptisée Uzu. J'ai vu 2 ou 3 jours après son adoption, le temps d'acclimatation et du...